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Our selection of activities, eco-tours, treks, and adventures in Taganga, Tayrona National Park and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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  • Tours: From Taganga Village

    Our selection of tours from the village of Taganga. Treks, diving, local beaches, and places to relax.

  • Tours: In Tayrona National Park

    Our selection of tours inside Tayrona National Park. Treks, diving, fishing, local beaches, and places to relax.  Cabo San Juan, Bahia Cinto, Playa Cristal, plus a few hidden spots.

  • Tours: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

    Sustainable Tours in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, treks, bird watching and coffee.

  • Tours: Colombian History
  • Tours: La Guajira and the Wayuu

    La Guajira peninsula is, on the surface, a barren and inhospitable desert perched on the northernmost point in Colombia.  On closer inspection however you will find a place full of life, incredible views, with a history of smuggling, pirates and a proud Wayuu tribe who never succumbed to Spanish subjugation.

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    Learn to fish with a native fisherman from Taganga. Since childhood he has loved the sea and the art of fishing, he will guide you around the best fishing areas in Tayrona.

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    This beautiful spot, away from the city via Cienaga, is one of the few natural places of the city of Santa Marta which still retains its tranquility. Relaxation, meditation and detoxification are the order of the day.

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    Bird watching for species endemic to the tropical dry forest of Taganga. To observe birds we must be patient and cautious. We have the pleasure of observing eagles who fly in search of their prey, small hummingbirds looking for the nectar of the tropic flowers and flocks of parrots that chatter to us on our way.

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