• Taganga Sunset


    Accommodation to rent in Taganga, hotels, hostals, and private houses, perfect to relax and enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the bay.

  • Sierra Nevada Mountains


    Tours, accommodation and mountain biking in Minca, Paso de Mango y San Lorenzo.  Coffee plantations, chocolate producers, river walks, high mountain treks, it's all in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

  • Cabo San Juan Beach Tour

    Explore Tayrona National Park

    With it's spectacular bays, golden sand, and crystal clear Caribbean waters, the beaches of Tayrona National Park are an incredible place to relax under the stars. When you're ready you can search for the indigenous village of Pueblito, search for monkeys in the jungle, or explore the hidden bays

  • Cabo de la vela peninsula


    Discover the spectacular and unique vistas in all of Colombia, and home to the Wayuu people.

  • $ 45,000

    1 Review(s)

    Rent this private house accommodation, Casa Caluca in the hills overlooking Taganga, where you can wake up to beautiful sea views.

  • $ 45,000

    1 Review(s)

    Our popular Casa Caluca accommodation, ideal for couples, this comfortable private house with a beautiful view of the bay in Taganga from where you can watch the sun setting over the sea.

  • $ 45,000

    No reviews

    Casa Mandala has two bedrooms, one of them with a fully equipped kitchen and air conditioning, social areas, BBQ and a beautiful garden with native plants.

  • $ 180,000

    No reviews

    Located in the center of Taganga, just 5 minutes from the beach and main tourist areas. This property has 5 well appointed rooms each with private bathroom and sea views..

  • $ 60,000

    No reviews

    Casa Kankuamu is perfect for large groups with space for 20 people in total comfort. The owner is permanently onsite to help with any of your needs.

  • $ 60,000

    No reviews

    Private gated area with six studio apartments with shared balconies and great sea views of the bay. All apartments have double beds, private bathroom, kitchen and air conditioning.

  • $ 30,000

    No reviews

    Apartments Tierrita Colora : These appartments are located in Colora Tierrita near antenna in taganga comcel are two apartments each with two rooms with private bathrooms kitchen, and a beautiful ocean view.

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